Dental Crowns in Anaheim, CA

Looking for the right dentist for a crown?

At Cal Dental Anaheim, our dental team is experts of fixing up your smile with dental crowns.

If you have a tooth that’s cracked, damaged, or decayed, a dental crown might just be what you need to get your smile back in shape.

We uses top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to make sure your treatment is customized to your unique needs and goals.

Moreover, we’re dedicated to making your treatment as comfortable and effective as possible.  And we’ll work closely with you to make sure you’re happy with the results.

We use only the best materials available to give you a crown that’s not only long-lasting but looks natural too.

How to start your crown process:

If you’re considering dental crowns, Dr. Yang also offers an in-depth consultation to help you understand your options.

The $100 consultation fee is credited towards your treatment when you choose to move forward.

We offer affordable prices and flexible payment options so you can receive your crown treatment without breaking your bank.

Give our office a call to schedule your consultation today.

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Dental Crown

$ 1200 Starting From
  • Full Crown Treatment
  • NEW: High Quality Zirconia
  • NEW: Hand-Crafted Crown
  • Custom Fitting
  • Tooth Shaping & Treating
  • Anesthesia


Anaheim's Highest Rated Dentist For Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry

Anaheim's Highest Rated Dentist
For Implants & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Jun-Young Yang earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry.

Previously, he also earned his Master of Science from the Seoul National University’s School of Dentistry, South Korea’s most prestigious university.

Dr. Yang is not only the highest rated dentist in Anaheim, he is also an award-winning healthcare provider. Dr. Yang received the Top Implant Clinician of The Year award from Dentis.

dr yang
4.9 Google rating

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litzy martinez
litzy martinez
The staff was super friendly and Dr. Jun was very professional and explained everything so thoroughly that made me feel comfortable.
Nathan Campas Gonzalez
Nathan Campas Gonzalez
I was feeling pain in my mouth. Don’t usually like to go to the dentist but they were highly recommended. It went very well. Took care of me and made me feel better . Thank you.
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez
Great customer service. Very clean and on time. Will recommend to friends and family.
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Adam Laham
Adam Laham
I had some terribly painful toothaches and needed a dentist fast. I searched for nearby dentists when I came across Cal Dental Anaheim, the reviews led me to choose this spot as dentist and I’m so happy I did! When I arrived I was told they only do visits through appointments but Dr. Yang was incredibly kind and saw me that instant, told me about my dental problems while agreeing to help me that same day. Phenomenal kindness and attitude, great staff and just great experience overall, highly recommend to anyone in need of dental care.
Guadalupe Arias
Guadalupe Arias
Muy buen trabajo y servicio. 🙂
Grace Lee
Grace Lee
My experience with Cal Dental Anaheim was absolutely amazing. I had a deep cleaning and filling for some cracks. It wasn't hurt at all. He was quite gental and professional. He and his staff made me feel comfortable everytime I went there. I strongly recommend this dental office!!
C *
C *
I had been going to the dentist in LA for a long time, but it was too far, and I heard that there are good dentists in OC as well. So, based on a friend's recommendation, I went for scaling, a general check-up, and a consultation for my broken crown. The dentist was very meticulous, kind, and honest. I expected to spend a lot of money on my broken molar crown, but the dentist said it could still be used and just polished the broken part, advising me to use it until it really needed to be replaced. I have been to many dentists, but I've never met such an honest dentist before. If I had gone to another place, I would have spent over a thousand dollars on a new crown immediately. Currently, I am pregnant, and the dentist was very considerate of my condition, avoiding X-rays and thoroughly checking my teeth visually to ensure everything was okay. The scaling was also very thorough, and they continuously made sure I was comfortable, considering my pregnancy. If you are looking for a dentist who provides excellent treatment and is honest with their patients, I highly recommend this place.
Lizbeth Gomez
Lizbeth Gomez
I’ve been bringing my Son to this place for over a year! I just recently came in for a check up! And the Doctor was really attentive and explained the procedure to the best of my understanding. I like how he cares for his patients and is willing to help. I will highly recommend him he does a great job overall.
Angie Ramirez
Angie Ramirez
Excelente servicio al cliente, buena atención, buena comunicación y excelente trabajo realizado. Muy conforme y súper recomendado!!!…



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